Finding the Best Filth Cleaning Services in Portland Maine

Filth build up and hoarding can be a dangerous situation for those directly impacted as well as those around them. The filth cleaning services of PHC Cleaners are the top rated cleaning services throughout Portland Maine and Southern Maine. PHC Cleaners provides a safe and efficient method of removing hoarded items as well as fully cleaning any areas that need heavy duty cleaning services, while maintaining the safety and dignity of the hoarder.

Distressed properties can present a major health hazard due to mold, pests, and other dangerous elements. PHC filth cleaning services of Portland Maine can help by providing services such as hazardous waste removal, sanitizing, and decontamination to ensure that the building is safe for inhabitants.

Filth Cleaning Services Portland Maine can also provide services to remove dirt, dust, grime, and other debris from a location. This can help to improve air quality, reduce allergens, and make a space look and feel much cleaner. Moreover, they can provide disinfecting services to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses. This can help to reduce the risk of illnesses and keep everyone safe. With the help of Filth Cleaning Services Portland Maine, you can rest assured that your home, office, or other property is clean and safe.



Hoarding Cleanup is an important service that PHC offers in Portland Maine to help people struggling with clutter, disorganization, and excessive accumulations of materials. The PHC hoarding Cleanup services can help reduce the risk of fire and other safety hazards associated with hoarding and help restore the home to a livable condition. Our professional hoarding cleanup services provide assistance with sorting and organizing items, as well as the disposal of unwanted items. In addition, Hoarding Cleanup services may identify items of value and facilitate their removal in an organized and safe manner.

PHC hoarding cleanup services strive to not only restore order in the home, but also provide mental health resources and support to help the individual manage the problem and create a long-term solution. Portland Maine Hoarding Cleanup services are here to help people who struggle with hoarding and provide a safe and healthy living space. The services provided by hoarding cleanup professionals can help an individual regain control of their living space in a compassionate and supportive environment.


PHC filth cleaning services of Portland Maine, specialize in removing dangerous bacteria and viruses from your home or business in hoarding and filth situations. Our experienced technicians use the latest industry equipment and techniques to remove harmful germs and bacteria from your surfaces. We also provide disinfectant services that help reduce the spread of germs and keep your space clean and safe. We offer a variety of services, including deep cleaning services, sanitizing, and disinfection. No matter the size of your space, you can trust us to provide effective and reliable filth cleaning services that will help you protect your family and friends from harmful bacteria and viruses.