Keeping your facility maintained on a daily basis can be challenging. Keeping up with the heavily trafficked restrooms, sanitizing surfaces and emptying trash can be daunting. The reality is, it doesn't have to be a tough task. PHC day porting services are the top rated services throughout Portland, Maine. Day porting services are crucial when it comes to facilitating and managing your office building on a daily basis. Think about the continuous traffic, the constant bathroom use and not to mention the amount of germs being spread through your building every hour of every day!

PHC Cleaners offers professional day porting services for a variety of organizations and buildings throughout Portland Maine. Having an on site staff at your building provides a piece of mind to your asset. Our day porting staff will police the internal property, sanitize all touched services, keep the floors clean, keep the trash cans empty and assure there is a professional appearance in your building every moment.

What makes our deep porting services unique, is that our full array of professional services are at your fingertips when your facility is in need. Schedule a free consultation with PHC Cleaners to learn how we can clean and maintain your facility on a daily basis.


  • Professional Staff: Our day porting staff at PHC Cleaners are not only highly trained in their profession but they illustrate themselves in the upmost professional demeanor each day. Our staff understand the importance of representing yourself as a professional in the workplace and represent not only our company but also our clients facilities in the best way possible.

  • Widest Array of Services: PHC Cleaners is the most sought after day porting service in Waltham Massachusetts because we offer the widest array of cleaning and maintenance services "in-house". PHC Cleaners is able to provide your facility with all services required, therefore you do not need to search for a third-party vendor or contractor to meet your cleaning and maintenance needs.

  • Systematic Procedures: Our day porting services are provided with a daily systematic procedure to assure that your facility is maintained at the highest level each and every day. Our staff will provide routine inspections of all areas and foresee that all cleaning and maintenance specifications are completed.


PHC Cleaners offers an abundance of professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients alike.
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