Experience Top-Notch Carpet
Cleaning Services in Boston

PHC offers top-notch carpet cleaning services for both commercial and residential areas in Boston, Massachusetts. Building on our established reputation in Boston, PHC extends its exceptional carpet cleaning expertise to the valued residents and businesses of Boston, Massachusetts. Understanding the necessity for a clean and allergen-free environment, PHC utilizes advanced techniques and best practices to rejuvenate your carpets and upholstery.

Whether it's the high-traffic carpeting in your office building or the cherished area rug in your living room, PHC's comprehensive service ensures that every fiber is meticulously treated, offering peace of mind and a spotless finish to all in the Boston community.



Our team of carpet cleaning professionals is dedicated to delivering a deep carpet cleaning process that not only eradicates dirt and stains but also significantly improves indoor air quality. From scheduling a free estimate to the last swipe of the extraction machine, our professionals at PHC will guide and inform of our carpet cleaning services and processes.

From our state-of-the-art equipment to our advanced cleaning techniques, the professional carpet cleaners at PHC help remove pollutants and allergens that get trapped deep within carpet fibers, offering relief to allergy sufferers and creating a cleaner breathing environment for everyone in your home or office. Through our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we ensure that every carpet we treat is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, leaving our clients with a fresh, clean, and healthy indoor atmosphere. Rest assured, our local Boston service professionals are here to share our expertise and assist you in maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment, one carpet at a time.


Maintaining the pristine condition of your commercial space in Boston is no small task, especially with the rigorous foot traffic that can wear down your carpets over time. That's where PHC Cleaners steps in, bringing our expertise right to your doorstep. Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning technology goes deep beyond the surface to eliminate dirt, allergens, and bacteria, ensuring a healthier environment for your employees and customers.

By choosing PHC carpet cleaning services, you are not only investing in the aesthetic appeal of your workspace but also in the wellbeing of everyone who walks through your doors. Plus, our eco-friendly methods align with the green initiatives of Boston businesses, making PHC Cleaners the go-to choice for conscientious and effective carpet care in the area.



In the heart of Boston, our professional residential carpet cleaning services are here to revitalize your living space. Carpets are like sponges, absorbing dust, allergens, and odors that can make your home feel less inviting.

Over time, the fibers can become home to a myriad of unsightly particles that a simple vacuum can’t remove. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deep-clean your carpets, effectively lifting grime, and restoring the vibrancy and freshness of your floors. Whether it’s heavy foot traffic from family gatherings or those unavoidable pet stains, we’re equipped to handle it all.

With our specialized techniques tailored to the Boston community's needs, your home will not only look cleaner but also be a healthier environment for your family and pets. So why wait? Give your home the professional attention it deserves and enjoy a fresher, cleaner carpet in no time.


Longevity: Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a scheduled routine basis will maximize the life of the carpet. Carpets that are not professionally cleaned on a routine
basis are susceptible to significant wear and tear due to the high volume of soil built up in the fibers of the carpet. PHC cleaners increases the life of your carpet by offering a
scheduled carpet cleaning service that eliminates soil and residue buildup in the carpet.

Minimizes Stains: Any and all carpets are susceptible to generating stains over time, such stains can come from spilled liquid or food as well as residue from someone's footwear.
If your carpet is not routinely cleaned the stains can and will eventually damage the fibers in your carpet causing permanent stains that cannot be removed. PHC Cleaners is able to minimize
such damage from happening by offering a routine carpet cleaning service that treats and eliminates most stains in the carpets.

Improves Air Quality: Like a giant air filter, carpets capture dust mites and dust particles moving around in the air. This ultimately creates a higher level of
air-quality within a specific room. However, like a giant air filter, carpets become too soiled to capture dust mites and dust particles. If a carpet has not been professionally cleaned
it will actually decrease the level of air-quality.


The first step of our carpet cleaning procedure is to thoroughly vacuum the entire floor space with a HEPA filtered vacuum. This removes large and small debris from the carpet. Before applying any solutions to the carpet, the carpet must be completely free of dust, dirt and debris from the carpet fibers as much as possible.


Step two of the carpet cleaning process is to pre-treat all stains on the carpet floor. When servicing a smaller carpet area, we will pre-treat all visible stains immediately. When providing  our carpet cleaning services to a large carpeted area we will break the space into sections and clean sections at a time. With larger areas, the stains will be treated within the sections currently cleaning.


Our third step of our carpet cleaning process includes the pre-treat spray procedure. This is a two part process where we apply a solution mix in a fine mist to the carpeted surface, part two of this process is to lightly agitate the spray into the carpet fibers. A gentle agitation allows the solution to work its way into the carpet fibers and loosen any imbedded residue. The dwell time is about 10 minutes depending on the carpet condition.


The fourth step in our carpet cleaning process is the extraction step. The extraction process includes an application of a mixed solution with hot water that is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt build up from the fibers. Simultaneously during this process, the solution and residue mixture is extracted from the carpet into a reservoir of our carpet cleaning machine. This process may be repeated numerous times or until the residue has been completely removed.


The last step of the carpet cleaning process is drying the carpet. Based on the utilization of the carpet or the traffic on the carpet there are two ways to dry the carpet. The best way to dry your carpet is to use carpet fans to fully dry the carpet. We use fans on your carpets that need to dry faster due to high traffic. You can also air dry your carpets to allow them to dry out on their own, just be sure there is plenty of ventilation.