PHC Cleaners stands proudly at the forefront, offering unparalleled post-construction cleaning services that cater to the nuanced needs of both residential and commercial properties. With an expert team wielding eco-friendly products and cutting-edge techniques, PHC Cleaners offers the best post-construction cleaning services in the local area.



When it comes to the professional post-construction cleaning services of PHC Cleaners, every job is handedly thoroughly. From the consultation process and walk through process to the detailed cleaning process to the final walk through. PHC Cleaners understands the fine details that are incorporated in post-construction cleaning services.

PHC offers a comprehensive cleaning approach that delivers an unparalleled level of cleaning services that exceeds all expectations in post-construction cleaning. Our dedicated team of cleaning experts meticulously work to ensure that every corner, surface, baseboard and interior fittings are free from construction debris, dust, and any potential hazards. Our attention to detail when it comes to post construction cleaning offers a safe and spotless environment.

Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, PHC is able to create a healthier space for occupants. Each task is executed with precision, from the intricate dusting of surfaces and fixtures to the thorough sanitization of restrooms and kitchens. This attention to detail not only prepares your newly constructed or remodeled space for its next chapter but also reflects PHC Cleaners’ unwavering commitment to excellence.


PHC Cleaners takes commercial post-construction cleaning to new heights, ensuring your commercial space isn't merely clean, but immaculate and readied for its debut. Effective and efficient cleaning requires a strategic approach, which PHC Cleaners excels at through:

Development of Custom Plans:
Each commercial project has its blueprint for cleaning perfection.

Specialized Equipment and Techniques:
Innovative tools are matched with expert knowledge to tackle commercial-scale challenges.

Non-toxic Cleaning Agents:
The shift towards sustainable solutions without sacrificing efficacy.

Our commercial post construction cleaning services cater to restaurants, offices, condo and apartment complexes. We services commercial clients that obtain over 100,000 square feet to clients who have 5,000 square feet of newly constructed areas. We work with a variety of commercial builders and contractors and understand deadlines, change in schedule and other variables that arise on the jobsite. With PHC Cleaners as your cleaning partner in post construction cleaning services, you can rest assure that we will work with you when comes to flexibility.


When PHC Cleaners enters the residential post-construction scene, we bring a philosophy of thoroughness and tailored cleaning strategies. Regardless of the scale, each property is meticulously purged of the construction aftermath. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Assessments: Initial inspections allow for a customized cleaning plan that pinpoints what needs to be done.

Debris Extraction: Crews systematically remove all signs of construction, restoring order throughout the space.

Surface Revival: Every surface receives the royal treatment, emerging gleaming and sanitized.

Eco-Friendly Products: The choice of sustainable cleaning agents is a testament to PHC Cleaners' commitment to the environment.

When it comes to residential post construction, whether a rebuild or renovation, we understand that there are deadlines as well as expectations. PHC takes pride in working diligently with the contractor and the homeowner to assure that expectations and deadlines are always met.


From the initial walk-through process to the final walk-through, PHC Cleaners is your partner when it comes to post construction cleaning services. Whether working directly with a general contractor or the property owner, we strive to provide a thorough experience from start to finish.

A massive value add to our cleaning services is the professionalism and communication that supplement with our post construction cleaning services. Here at PHC we believe that effectively coordinating and communicating with the contractors offers a seamless timeline and level of expectations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence on the jobsite and off the jobsite is what defines PHC as the premier company in post construction cleaning services.



PHC Cleaners offers an abundance of professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients alike.

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