Setting the Benchmark for Impeccable Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Boston

After a construction project comes to completion, the next crucial phase is a comprehensive cleanup before the space can truly shine. This is where PHC Cleaners steps in, surpassing expectations and defining excellence in post-construction cleaning. Transforming a construction site into a spotless and welcoming environment, PHC Cleaners has established itself as the epitome of quality in the realm of post-build tidying. Our attention to detail and unwavering dedication to perfection have earned a reputation as the "Gold Standard" for post-construction cleaning, ensuring that your new space is pristine, polished, and ready for occupancy.



The completion of any new construction or renovation project is not complete without the essential task of post-construction cleaning. When it comes to commercial post construction cleaning services in Portland, you want to be sure to call PHC Cleaners. PHC offers the widest array of post construction cleaning services in Portland and we have the manpower to manage any size project. Our commercial post-construction cleaning services range from dusting, vacuuming, floor cleaning, window washing, bathroom cleaning, appliance cleaning, and more.

All post-construction services are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Like our residential post-construction cleaning services, our commercial post-construction cleaning services are also executed through our 64-point cleaning checklist. 


With residential construction comes dust and a lot of it. Trying to manage the post-construction dust before moving into a new home or a renovated home can feel nearly impossible. PHC can assure that your home is dust-free, debris-free and move-in ready before you move in. With our systematic post-construction cleaning approach we guarantee to make sure your home is clean, dust free and disinfected before moving in. Our highly trained staff execute a detailed approach to make sure all surfaces are dust-free.

Furthermore, our staff will sanitize and deodorize the entire area to create a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family. With PHC post-construction cleaning, you can rest assured that your home will be in pristine condition when you move in.


Both residential and commercial construction projects are ever so popular throughout Portland, Maine. With the wide range of post construction cleaning services offered by PHC Cleaners we can help bring your newly constructed space up to showroom quality.
Our post construction cleaning services include a variety of tasks, from dusting and vacuuming to window cleaning and polishing. The professional services of PHC help remove the dirt, dust, and debris  left behind from the construction process and make sure your space is show room ready. They also help protect your newly constructed space from damage caused by dust particles,  ensuring it looks its best for years to come.


As part of our post construction cleaning services here at PHC Cleaners, we provide our trademarked 64-point cleaning checklist to assure that all services are met for any residential or commercial property. The best part about our post-construction cleaning checklist is that it is completely customizable for any cleaning after construction.

With our detailed checklist, we can guarantee the satisfaction of all of our clients in Portland. The post-construction cleaning checklist offered by PHC covers all rooms and areas within the property including all surfaces within that specific area.

For example, our cleaning checklist includes, damp wiping the ceilings, wiping down all ledges, including window sills, cleaning door frames and window frames, inside cabinets, baseboards, etc. The PHC 64-point post-construction cleaning checklist leaves no surface untouched.