PHC Cleaners provides high-quality post-construction cleaning services for any residential or commercial property in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Quality post-construction cleaning services are essential for any construction project, as we strive to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all of our clients in Chelmsford. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you need to call PHC Cleaners for all of your post-construction cleaning services. The professionals at PHC will help get your residential or commercial construction site move-in ready. Our industry-leading technicians service hundreds of homes and commercial properties each year and execute all cleaning services in a systematic cleaning approach.


Whether you are a resident or a business in Chelmsford, you need to call PHC Cleaners after any small or large construction project. The post-construction cleaning services of PHC are offered in a systemized cleaning approach to assure quality as well as a high level of detail. After construction, there is always dust and debris left behind and in most cases, it is impossible to move into the home or the commercial property. PHC post-construction cleaning services will eliminate that fine construction dust and remove any leftover dirt and debris, making your home or business move-in ready. Our post-construction cleaning services are also 100% customizable and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements for your residential or commercial space.


As the primary post-construction cleaning service in Chelmsford, we take pride in making sure our services are highly detailed and thorough. We are committed to providing our clients with a worry-free process that leaves their residential or commercial property move-in ready. As part of our post-construction cleaning process, PHC cleans every surface throughout the property. From cleaning inside cabinets to cleaning appliances, wiping down baseboards, removing fingerprints from windows and washing walls. Every surface in the home or business is wiped clean. In addition, we vacuum all surfaces with our HEPA-grade filtered vacuums. With a dual cleaning process on every surface, your construction site will be showroom ready. Every post-construction cleaning job serviced by PHC is completed with a detailed walk-through and inspection process to assure to guarantee high-quality service.


The toughest task in post-construction cleaning services is removing all the fine construction dust left behind. The challenge with cleaning construction dust is that the fine dust can become airborne and settle on the surfaces. PHC Cleaners takes a multistep process in removing all the construction dust from all surfaces of the property.

The first step in our post-construction cleaning process is to vacuum all reachable surfaces in the specific areas. Using our backpack HEPA vacuums and upholstery tools, we vacuum all the baseboards, window sills, door ledges, inside cabinets, light fixtures and ceiling fans. By thoroughly vacuuming all surfaces first, it allows us to trap the dust as opposed to pushing it around causing it to be airborne.

The second step in our post-construction cleaning process is to damp-wipe all surfaces with a microfiber rag. This allows us to pick up any leftover residue and construction dust that was left behind from vacuuming. During this process, we are wiping down all surfaces such as walls, baseboards, inside cabinets, windows, appliances, etc. This is a very detailed cleaning process where our staff is very thorough in making sure to get all dust and debris.

The third step before cleaning the floors is one final walk-through of the property. As part of this process we "finger test" all surfaces checking for any dust that was missed or settled. We damp wipe and remaining areas throughout the property, removing all dust before cleaning the floors.

The PHC cleaning process ensures that your home or commercial property is left clean and dust-free after any small or large renovation.


As part of our post construction cleaning services here at PHC Cleaners, we provide our trademarked 64-point cleaning checklist to assure that all services are met for any residential or commercial property. The best part about our post-construction cleaning checklist is that it is completely customizable for any cleaning after construction.

With our detailed checklist, we can guarantee the satisfaction of all of our clients in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The post-construction cleaning checklist offered by PHC covers all rooms and areas within the property including all surfaces within that specific area. For example, our cleaning checklist includes, damp wiping the ceilings, wiping down all ledges, including window sills, cleaning door frames and window frames, inside cabinets, baseboards, etc. The PHC 64-point post-construction cleaning checklist leaves no surface untouched.


In Chelmsford residential construction is through the roof. However, with construction comes dust and a lot of it. Trying to manage the post-construction dust before moving into a new home or a renovated home can feel nearly impossible. Having your residential property cleaned after a renovation is a must-do. PHC can assure that your home is dust-free, debris-free and move-in ready before you move in.

With our systematic cleaning approach, with PHC post-construction cleaning services we guarantee to make sure your home is clean, dust free and disinfected before moving in. Our highly trained staff will use specialized tools and cleaning products to deep clean all surfaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, and windows, while also removing all construction debris, dirt, dust, and grime. Furthermore, our staff will sanitize and deodorize the entire area to create a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family. With PHC post-construction cleaning, you can rest assured that your home will be in pristine condition when you move in.


The completion of any new construction or renovation project is not complete without the essential task of post-construction cleaning. When it comes to commercial post-construction cleaning services in Chelmsford, you want to be sure to call PHC Cleaners. PHC offers the widest array of post-construction cleaning services in Chelmsfordand we have the manpower to manage any size project. Our commercial post-construction cleaning services range from dusting, vacuuming, floor cleaning, window washing, bathroom cleaning, appliance cleaning, and more. All post-construction services are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Like our residential post-construction cleaning services, our commercial post-construction cleaning services are also executed through our 64-point cleaning checklist.

Working with PHC Cleaners when it comes to post-construction cleaning services is beneficial for a variety of reasons :

Enhances the appearance
Provides a healthy space
Creates a safe working environment

Dust and debris created from post-construction dust can lead to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses if not removed properly. Post-construction cleaning can help reduce the risk of these illnesses, as well as the amount of time and money spent on repairs due to dust and debris damage. Our commercial construction cleaning services eliminate all these worries.

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