PHC Cleaners is the #1 rated commercial cleaning and property maintenance company in Marlborough. Our exceptional customer services, top rated quality of cleaning and overall attention to detail is world class when it comes to commercial cleaning services in the area.

When seeking unparalleled commercial cleaning and maintenance services in Marlborough, Massachusetts, there's no need to look any further. Building on the legacy of excellence set by PHC Cleaners, Marlborough businesses, property management, landlords and alike have access to top-tier cleaning solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and meticulous care.


Servicing a wide array of commercial entities, from office buildings to retail spaces, our cleaning services accommodate to both the residential and commercial markets. The priority given to employing skilled professionals, utilizing advanced cleaning technologies, and ensuring environmentally-friendly practices stands us apart as the go-to cleaning and maintenance company for those who expect nothing less than perfection.


At PHC Cleaners, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just exceptional commercial cleaning services; we also extend top-notch maintenance solutions across Marlborough, Massachusetts. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to all aspects of commercial upkeep, positioning us as your all-in-one destination for both the cleanliness and operational efficiency of your commercial facilities.

By entrusting us with the full spectrum of your building's maintenance and cleaning requirements, you gain the convenience and reliability of comprehensive care—all under one roof. Let PHC Cleaners be the cornerstone of your commercial property's excellence, ensuring an immaculate and well-maintained environment for all your business needs.



At PHC, we take pride in delivering top-notch commercial cleaning services across Marlborough, Massachusetts, and this excellence extends to a diverse array of residential properties. Our expert team diligently cares for both large-scale apartment and condo complexes as well as smaller, privately owned buildings. We go beyond simply keeping spaces tidy; our offerings encompass thorough cleaning of shared spaces, meticulous painting services, and comprehensive general maintenance tasks to ensure that every property we handle is maintained at the highest standard of cleanliness and appearance.

As part of our comprehensive cleaning services we provide full time staff on-site to cater to various building needs. Whether that be emergency clean up services, stocking of items in common areas or offering day porting services, PHC offers a customized service list that caters to client specifications.



When it comes to keeping your commercial or residential spaces pristine, nothing speaks louder than fresh, clean carpets. PHC is delighted to present our exceptional carpet cleaning solutions, catering to clients within Marlborough and neighboring areas. We take pride in our meticulous approach to carpet cleaning, which not only dramatically improves the visual appeal of your carpets but also elevates the air quality in your environment. Invest in our carpet cleaning services and enjoy the extended life span of your carpets, all while experiencing an immaculate and healthier space for your employees, customers, or family.

Our meticulous process begins with a thorough pre-cleaning evaluation, ensuring every inch of your carpet is assessed for the best possible treatment. We kick off the rejuvenating journey with a powerful pre-treatment formula designed to break down dirt, condition your carpet's fibers and dislodge even the most stubborn grime that's buried deep within. This crucial step sets the stage for a comprehensive clean. Moving forward, each individual stain on your carpet receives our focused attention, with a specialized stain treatment procedure that significantly boosts the removal success during the subsequent steps.

This attention to detail ensures that no stain is left behind, whether it's from spilled coffee or high foot traffic areas. The centerpiece of our service is the extraction stage where a unique solution pairs with hot water extraction techniques. This dynamic duo works tirelessly to coax and lift the dirt away from the carpet fibers, leaving behind a carpet that not only looks clean but feels and smells fresh too.



Within our extensive range of commercial cleaning solutions, PHC is proud to provide expert floor stripping and waxing services, tailored especially for VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) flooring. Our team in Marlborough, Massachusetts, is equipped with the knowledge and tools to enhance and protect your floors, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition.

Transform your VCT flooring into a picture of luxury while extending its life with our expert commercial cleaning services. Our specialty treatments for Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors are designed to not just enhance their aesthetic appeal but also to significantly prolong their durability.


PHC takes pride in providing top-notch commercial kitchen cleaning services catering to various commercial spaces across Massachusetts. Whether your establishment boasts a cozy small-scale kitchen or a sprawling culinary area in Marlborough or neighboring communities, you can rest easy knowing that issues with grease accumulation and stubborn grime are expertly handled by our team. With our professional service, maintaining a spotless kitchen environment is effortless.

Experience the difference with our commercial kitchen cleaning services. We specialize in making your stainless steel appliances gleam, ensuring they’re not just clean on the outside but also spotless from the inside out. But we don't stop there – we also take care of your floors, leaving them so pristine you'll be amazed at their luster. And it's not just about appearances; the overall sanitation and wellness of your venue will see a remarkable improvement. Trust us to elevate the cleanliness of your establishment to new heights!



PHC Cleaners is your neighborhood cleaning company and property management company in Marlborough. With over 150 years of accumulated experience in the industry,  PHC is the number choice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The best part of all is that PHC Cleaners also services the surrounding cities and towns!
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