PHC Cleaners is the #1 rated commercial cleaning and property maintenance company in Marlborough. Our exceptional customer services, top rated quality of cleaning and overall attention to detail is world class when it comes to commercial cleaning services in the area.

When seeking unparalleled commercial cleaning and maintenance services in Marlborough, Massachusetts, there's no need to look any further. Building on the legacy of excellence set by PHC Cleaners, Marlborough businesses, property management, landlords and alike have access to top-tier cleaning solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and meticulous care.


When discussing top-tier commercial cleaning and property maintenance services in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one name stands out: PHC Cleaners. With a reputation for excellence in Cambridge, PHC has earned the title of being the leading provider in the industry. Known for our unrivaled customer service, they consistently deliver a cleaning quality that's second to none, and their meticulous attention to detail has set a new standard for commercial cleaning services in the region.

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Recognizing that every office has its unique set of cleaning demands, we take pride in designing personalized cleaning strategies that align precisely with your specific needs. Our professional cleaning team offers adaptable scheduling options to ensure your office maintains its pristine appearance at all times. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and pledge to collaborate closely with you until you are completely content with the outcome of our services. Let us handle the cleanliness of your Belmont, Massachusetts workspace, delivering impeccable results that we stand behind with confidence.



At PHC Cleaners, our commitment extends beyond delivering superior commercial cleaning services. We provide unparalleled maintenance solutions throughout Cambridge , Massachusetts. Our wide-ranging service offerings cover every facet of commercial maintenance, making us the go-to source for the upkeep and efficiency of your business facilities.

Partnering with PHC Cleaners for your building's entire maintenance and cleaning needs means enjoying the ease and dependability of all-encompassing service. Choose PHC Cleaners as the foundation for your commercial property's outstanding presentation and upkeep, guaranteeing a pristine and proficiently managed setting for every business endeavor.



At PHC, we are proud to set the standard for commercial cleaning excellence throughout Cambridge, Massachusetts, a commitment that equally applies to an array of residential settings. Our professional team passionately manages the upkeep of expansive apartment and condo communities, as well as smaller homes and privately-owned buildings.

We offer more than just basic cleaning; our services include deep cleaning of common areas, precise painting solutions, and all-encompassing maintenance work, all to ensure properties meet our rigorous standards for cleanliness and visual appeal. To truly tailor our services, PHC places full-time staff members on-site to respond to an assortment of property needs. From urgent clean-up requirements and replenishing supplies in communal zones to providing attentive day porting services, we custom-build our service lineup to align with what our clients need most.


The high quality carpet cleaning solutions at PHC Cleaners, all begins with an extensive pre-cleaning assessment. We scrutinize every square inch, crafting a tailored cleaning plan ensuring the best possible results. Once we've strategized, we go on the offensive with a powerful pre-treatment solution. This initial attack on grime loosens and softens the carpet fibers, releasing even the most stubborn dirt hidden deep within. This critical first maneuver sets the stage for a profound and meticulous carpet cleaning process.

As we delve further into the cleaning process, each spot and spill on your carpet is met with a tailored stain removal approach. We employ targeted treatments that enhance the likelihood of eradicating stains, ensuring no mark, be it from caffeinated mishaps or well-worn paths, gets overlooked. It's in these details that the thoroughness of our approach shines through.

The heart of our cleaning service lies in the extraction phase, characterized by a powerful combination of specialized detergents and hot water extraction techniques. This effective teaming up of chemistry and technology diligently removes dirt from the very depths of your carpet fibers. The end result is a rejuvenating transformation where your carpet doesn't just look spotless—it radiates freshness in its touch and aroma as well.



At PHC, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of commercial cleaning solutions. Among these, we take special pride in our floor stripping and waxing services designed exclusively for VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) floors.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our knowledgeable team comes equipped with top-notch tools to elevate and protect the quality of your flooring. When you choose our services, you're not just ensuring that your VCT floors glisten with sophistication, but you're also investing in their durability.

The specialized care we provide for Vinyl Composition Tile floors is crafted to do more than captivate the eye; it's fashioned to remarkably extend their functionality and lifetime..


PHC is proud to offer exceptional commercial kitchen cleaning services to a variety of businesses throughout Cambridge, Massachusetts. No matter the size of your kitchen, from intimate eateries to grand culinary spaces in Cambridge and surrounding towns, your cleaning worries, particularly grease and tough dirt, are in capable hands with our expert team. With our assistance, achieving a perfect kitchen condition becomes a breeze.

Discover the transformative effect of our commercial kitchen cleaning solutions. We don't just focus on the surface; our specialty is in making sure your stainless steel equipment shines, thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond shiny appliances – we meticulously clean your floors to such a degree of perfection that you'll be stunned by their shine. But it's more than just looks; your establishment's hygiene and overall health will significantly benefit from our services. Rely on us to help your business reach unparalleled levels of cleanliness!


PHC Cleaners is your neighborhood cleaning company and property management company in Marlborough. With over 150 years of accumulated experience in the industry,  PHC is the number choice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The best part of all is that PHC Cleaners also services the surrounding cities and towns!
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