In Massachusetts, PHC Cleaners stands out as the premier provider of comprehensive cleaning solutions. Our cleaning expertise spans from residential and business environments, and we pride ourselves on the 'PHC Difference'—a testament to our unparalleled approach that sets us apart from competitors in the area.

At PHC Cleaners, dedication to excellence is at the core of what we do, ensuring we bring reliability, consistency, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices to every job. Our team, comprised of expert cleaners, uses the latest in cleaning technology and sustainable products to deliver immaculate results. Whether it's a thorough deep cleaning for your residence, routine cleanings to revitalize your workplace, or specialized tasks such as carpet or window cleaning, our services are customizable to suit your unique needs. Booking the professional cleaning services at PHC is a breeze, offering you the epitome of convenience and peace of mind.

Place your trust in us to exceed your expectations in maintaining a clean space and fostering a healthier, more inviting environment. As the top rated cleaning company in Massachusetts, we invite you to experience the remarkable transformation that comes with our professional cleaning.


The wide array of professional cleaning services offered by PHC Cleaners is what separates us from any other professional cleaning company in Massachusetts. Residences and businesses in Massachusetts are able to tackle all of their cleaning and maintenance needs with one contractor. Our residential and commercial cleaning services consist of :


Carpet Cleaning
Day Porting
Post Construction Cleaning
Property Management
Office Cleaning
Apartment Turnover
Filth Cleaning
Continuous Cleaning
Floor Care

In addition, our cleaning services are complimented with our exceptional customer service and satisfaction guaranteed initiative. We strive to innovate the cleaning industry by complimenting our services with a precise line of communication, a detail service plan all facilitated by our world class management. With a commitment to excellence, PHC Cleaners has become a trusted name as a premier cleaning company in Massachusetts.


PHC provides the best commercial cleaning services throughout Massachusetts. From high quality services, exceptional customer care and reliability we provide small and large businesses premier cleaning services. 

Office Cleaning Services
Post Construction Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Floor Care (Stripping/Recoat)
Property Management
Day Porting
Interior Painting
Tile & Grout Cleaning

PHC Cleaners is the offers the best cleaning service Boston businesses can experience. Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible schedules to meet your needs. We are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind, and guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


PHC Cleaners offers a diverse range of residential cleaning services in Massachusetts. Our residential cleaning services are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Need a one-time detailed cleaning or a consistent cleaning routine? Look no further. PHC Cleaners is your reliable ally in maintaining a gleaming living space. We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle, which is why our services are designed with your convenience in mind. Our wide array of residential cleaning services include :

Post Construction Cleaning
Turnover Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Filth Cleaning
Property Management
Interior Painting
Power Washing
Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our attentive staff is ready to tackle every aspect of your residential cleaning and maintenance needs. Schedule a free consultation today.


The cleaning process at PHC Cleaners is a personalized experience from start to finish. PHC integrates a seamless management and cleaning program that both enhances the customer support as well as the quality of service.


While flexibility is a key aspect of our offerings at PHC Cleaners, we place equal importance on efficiency and reliability to truly stand out in Massachusetts. Our cleaning teams are not only readily available around the clock; they also bring a wealth of experience and attention to detail to every task they undertake. This ensures that no matter the frequency of services you choose, each cleaning is completed to the highest standard.

We recognize that our reputation hinges on the consistent quality we deliver, which is why clients can trust us to maintain pristine environments, from the one-off deep cleans to the regular upkeep of office spaces.

Our commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our business, helping PHC Cleaners to shine as a beacon of professionalism in the cleaning industry. Whether you need commercial, residential, or specialized cleaning services, rest assured that we're equipped to provide a top-notch experience, tailored to your unique scheduling demands.


Following our comprehensive initial evaluation, each team member is trained to adhere to our meticulous 64-point checklist, ensuring no nook or cranny goes untouched. Our highly skilled staff employs eco-friendly cleaning agents and cutting-edge equipment to deliver a spotless, health-conscious environment.

At PHC Cleaners, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, from sparkling floors and dust-free surfaces to sanitized bathrooms and clutter-free workspaces. By entrusting PHC Cleaners with your cleaning needs, you can expect not just a visually appealing space but also one that enhances overall well-being.

As a top-rated service provider in the industry, we understand that a clean space is essential for productivity and peace of mind, and we are committed to offering a service that goes beyond just cleanliness. Regular professional cleaning can drastically improve indoor air quality and create a more hygienic setting, which is especially crucial nowadays. Visit our website to learn more about how our expert cleaning services can benefit your home or business, and allow us to help you maintain a pristine environment, day in and day out.


Our carpet cleaning services accommodate to both residential home sand commercial properties. We provide an in depth analysis of the carpet prior to the carpet cleaning service. After inspecting the carpet and understanding the areas of concerns, our detailed carpet cleaning procedure begins. At PHC Cleaners we utilize a four step approach that includes carpet preparation, stain treatment, hot water extraction and drying time. LEARN MORE...


PHC Cleaners provides stripping and waxing services for VCT floors. Our VCT floor care program provides an incredible polished appearance that looks great in any office, hospital, clinic or school. The best part about our stripping and waxing program is that it increases the longevity of your floors, protecting the tile form damage. LEARN MORE...


PHC Cleaners is the number rated cleaning company and property maintenance company in Massachusetts. A company big enough to provide a full array of property management and property services under one roof but a company small enough to provide the attention and detail to our customers. Check out a variety of major cities and towns we service throughout Massachusetts.



There are many problems that arise in the cleaning industry, and some of that you may experience far too often than you would like to admit. At PHC we don't create problems, we solve them.

Trying to reach customer service but can never seem to get through. Even worse, no one ever returns your call.

At PHC Cleaners we will assign you a customer service representative that you can reach 24/7 to address any cleaning needs or concerns.

Inconsistencies in the cleaning quality and always wondering if someone showed up to clean.

PHC Cleaners has designed a detailed services procedure that integrates quality inspection and documented
scheduled services every cleaning.

Who is the person actually coming into our business and providing the services? Should we be concerned of any security issues?

PHC Cleaners hires experienced professionals and we go through a diligent background check process with each hire. Our training process is continuous throughout the entire employment process at PHC.  We encourage our staff and our clients to get to know each other on first name basis, in efforts to create a relationship but also provide familiarity.


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