PHC Cleaners LLC provides professional office cleaning services in Woburn, Massachusetts. We take pride in our office cleaning services, we take pride in our people and we take pride in the relationships we develop with our clients.

Our office cleaning services are not only provided at a premier level, but we offer more as a professional office cleaning than any other cleaning organization in Massachusetts.

Since our founding, it has been the mission of PHC Cleaners to differentiate from other office cleaning companies in Massachusetts. In efforts of reaching our goals, we have integrated a variety of services far beyond office cleaning services, resulting in a higher value for our customers.

professional office cleaning services woburn ma
professional office cleaning services woburn ma


Why hire PHC Cleaners over hiring an independent janitor or another professional office cleaning provider? Let’s get started:

  • Guaranteed professional trained personnel.
  • 100% assured that our staff will arrive for each cleaning.
  • Provided with a professional management team.
  • Offered additional service discounts.
  • Receive access to our extensive network of vendors and contractors.
  • Serviced with modern cleaning technology and cleaning products.
  • Offered discounted services from our sister company Leighton Consulting Group.
professional office cleaning services woburn ma
professional office cleaning services woburn ma
At PHC Cleaners LLC, we believe in integrity, teamwork and professionalism. We believe that high detailed office cleaning services are a result of our employee work ethic and value of the company.

Thus the reason we devote a significant amount of time and energy in training our staff on how to provide efficiency and productivity in our cleaning services. We take pride in rewarding our staff with incentives based on performance and providing industry leading compensation.

Our clients know that they will receive full support from our management team in reference to emergencies, schedule changes or additional services needed.