Discover the Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Boston

Finding reliable commercial cleaning services in Boston can be overwhelming. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right professional cleaning services that meet your needs. Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to help you choose the best commercial cleaning services in Boston. At PHC Cleaners, we understand that there are important factors to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service in Boston. Factors that we consider valuable in your providing exceptional services in our our commercial cleaning services are :

Industry Experience
Quality Service
Customer Service

At PHC Cleaners, our mission is to provide the absolute best commercial cleaning services in Boston. By integrating the widest array of commercial cleaning services in the surrounding area with innovation and exceptional customer care, PHC Cleaners will be the industry standard in commercial cleaning services.


PHC Cleaners : Office Cleaning Services in Boston

For businesses in Boston looking for reliable and effective commercial cleaning services, PHC Cleaners is the ideal choice. PHC is one highest rated office cleaning companies in the surrounding area. Our comprehensive office cleaning services, include

Customized Cleaning Checklist
Monitored Inspections
Monthly Inspection Reports
Facilities Solution Package
State of the Art Equipment and Innovative Products

Our proprietary cleaning processes and systems ensure quality, productivity and guarantee satisfaction. In addition, our experienced cleaning technicians and supervisors pay attention to detail working hand in hand with the client to assure satisfaction is met every cleaning.

As part of our customized office cleaning services package, PHC offers flexible services on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, so you can choose the frequency that works best for your business. PHC offers green cleaning solutions to compliment our professional cleaning services, so your office can be clean without damaging the environment. And to top it all off, PHC Cleaners offers competitive rates and discounts for long-term contracts, so your office can stay clean without breaking the bank.

For businesses in Boston seeking quality commercial cleaning services, PHC Cleaners is the perfect choice. Our comprehensive services, attention to detail, and competitive rates make PHC Cleaners the ideal partner for keeping your office clean and presentable.

Widest Array of Commercial Cleaning Services in Boston

Finding reliable, professional commercial cleaning services in Boston can be a challenge. Finding a commercial cleaning company that provides multiple commercial cleaning services under one roof is, IMPOSSIBLE. Fortunately, PHC Cleaners offers an extensive array of professional cleaning services from :

Office Cleaning Services
Post Construction Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Floor Care (Stripping/Recoat)
Property Management
Day Porting
Interior Painting
Tile & Grout Cleaning

The PHC commercial cleaning services in Boston provides comprehensive cleaning services for small businesses to large companies. From industrial cleaning needs, janitorial services, power washing services to even residential cleaning services, PHC is your one stop shop. There are many commercial cleaning services in Boston but not that come close to the array of professional cleaning services offered by PHC Cleaners. With years of experience in the industry, PHC provides high-quality service at competitive rates. Furthermore, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of our customers.

Whether you are looking for a one-time deep clean or ongoing janitorial services, PHC is the right choice. They will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that meets your unique needs and budget.

PHC Commercial Cleaning Services Support Boston Businesses

Boston area businesses are in luck with the commercial cleaning services of PHC Cleaners, a professional janitorial and cleaning service provider. PHC's experienced staff is well-trained to maintain cleanliness in commercial spaces, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. Whether it's office cleaning, sanitizing, floor waxing, or carpet cleaning, PHC offers a wide range of services to meet the individual needs of each business.

What's more, PHC's green cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and help to reduce the environmental impact of businesses in the Boston area. With an excellent customer service team available to answer any questions, businesses can customize their cleaning plans to meet their exact needs.

At PHC Commercial Cleaning Services, we are committed to helping local businesses in the Boston area remain clean and safe for their customers and employees. With our professional staff, wide range of services, and green cleaning solutions, we strive to make sure that businesses in the Boston area remain a clean and healthy place to work.


The cleaning process at PHC Cleaners is a personalized experience from start to finish. PHC integrates a seamless management and cleaning program that both enhances the customer support as well as the quality of service.

Quality is in the Details : Commercial Cleaning Services for Boston Businesses, Facilities and Apartments

When it comes to keeping businesses, facilities, apartment buildings and restaurant establishments looking immaculate, PHC commercial cleaning services are an important part of the maintenance equation. In the bustling city of Boston, a professional cleaning company can make all the difference. PHC does just that, we make all the difference and more. We provide world class detailed services that range from window cleaning and carpet cleaning to pressure washing and post construction cleaning. Businesses that are well maintained are businesses that are more attractive to clients. Business that are more attractive to clients are businesses that also attract money.

Our professional cleaning services are executed through detailed processes and procedures from start to finish. All of our commercial cleaning services have a thorough process and best way of completing services. Our professional cleaning teams are trained continuously on ways to enhance productivity as well as quality. The professional cleaning services of PHC Cleaners, start with an extensive walk through of the facility to assure there is understanding of required services. From there we put together a cleaning plan that includes a 64-point cleaning checklist as well as specified schedule breakdown for the professional cleaning services offered.

PHC doesn't stop there, all of our commercial cleaning services are inspected on a bi-weekly and monthly cleaning inspection schedule. Inspections are completed by our property supervisors. During the inspection process, supervisors are evaluating cleaning services but also making sure our commercial cleaning processes and procedures are being followed. At PHC Cleaners, we believe that specific processes enhance quality, productivity and provided consistency in the development of our training staff.

Restaurant Cleaning in Boston : Tackling the Dirty Work in the Restaurant Industry

Keeping a restaurant in Boston clean is a major undertaking. Grease and grime buildup, sanitization, floor care, equipment cleaning and waste disposal are all key components of running a successful restaurant. PHC Cleaners provides professional cleaning services that cater directly to the commercial cleaning services needed by restaurants throughout Boston and surrounding neighborhoods. If you have are looking for restaurant cleaning services in Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville or other surrounding cities. Call PHC Cleaners today for a free quote.

Tackling the Dirty Work in the Restaurant Industry

Grease and grime buildup is a common issue in commercial kitchens throughout Boston and surrounding cities. Commercial kitchens must under go cleaning and disinfecting procedures regularly in efforts to keep the kitchen environment safe for both customers and staff. Proper sanitization is necessary to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and enhance environmental codes. All food-contact surfaces, such as countertops and cooking utensils must be regularly cleaned and sanitized to meet food safety regulations.

Floor care services such as tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning or stripping and waxing of floors are vital in maintaining a restaurant. Floors in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms must be kept clean and free of debris to minimize slips, falls, and other accidents. Restaurant floors whether in the kitchen or dining area are heavily trafficked, in efforts to increase the longevity of these floors, a routine cleaning and maintenance is a must.

Regular deep cleaning of the entire restaurant is also essential to keep it looking and smelling fresh. The professional commercial cleaning services of PHC Cleaners can help ensure the restaurant is meeting all standards of cleanliness and safety. With their help, a restaurant can stay clean and safe for customers and staff.


Our carpet cleaning services accommodate to both residential homes and commercial properties. We provide an in depth analysis of the carpet prior to the carpet cleaning service. After inspecting the carpet and understanding the areas of concerned our detailed carpet cleaning procedure begins. At PHC Cleaners we utilize a four step approach that includes carpet preperation, stain treatment, hot water extraction and drying time. LEARN MORE...


PHC Cleaners provides stripping and waxing services for VCT floors. Our VCT floor care program provides an incredible polished appearance that looks great in any office, hospital, clinic or school. The best part about our stripping and waxing program is that it increase the longevity of your floors, protecting the tile from damage. LEARN MORE...


PHC Cleaners offers the largest array of "in-house" professional cleaning services and facility services in Boston. When you are a customer of PHC, you only need one vendor to take care of painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, power washing, outdoor maintenance and even snow removal.

Customers of PHC Cleaners have a direct representative that they communicate with if there are any additional needs or concerns to be addressed. Our line of communication is always open for our clients on a 24/7 basis.

PHC Cleaners has one of the most detailed cleaning processes and procedures in the industry. From inspection visits, to daily checklists and cleaning routines, to client rating systems. We assure quality control on aspects of our organization to meet the highest expectations of our customers.


PHC Cleaners is your neighborhood cleaning company and property management company in Boston. With over 12 years of being in business and over 150 years of accumulated experience in the industry, PHC is the number choice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
The best part of all is that PHC Cleaners also services the surrounding cities and towns! Check out the various cities and towns we service in the area.


There are many problems that arise in the cleaning industry, and some of that you may experience far too often than you would like to admit. At PHC we don't create problems, we solve them. Here are the top 3 problems that are far too common in the cleaning industry.

Trying to reach customer service but can never seem to get through. Even worse, no one ever returns your call.
At PHC Cleaners we will assign you a customer service representative that you can reach 24/7 to address any cleaning needs or concerns.

Constant inconsistencies in the cleaning quality and always wondering if someone showed up to clean.
PHC Cleaners has designed a detailed services procedure that integrates quality inspection and documented scheduled services every cleaning.

Who is the person actually coming into our business and providing the services? Should we be concerned of any security issues?
PHC Cleaners hires experienced professionals and we go through a diligent background check process with each hire. Our training process is continuous throughout the entire employment process at PHC. We encourage our staff and our clients to get to know each other on first name basis, in efforts to create a relationship but also provide familiarity.


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