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First cleaning to be schedule on 12/23/2014. Following cleaning to be scheduled 01/08/2015 and twice per month from there.


Price Per Cleaning: $121.76/5.5 Man Hours


Confirming Your Cleaning Services

Step 1: Please READ ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS as noted below.

Step 2: Fill out the confirmation form on the left. Submitting of this form confirms your agreement to all Terms & Conditions of our company policies, time and date scheduled for your cleaning services, services provided as illustrated on the checklist and estimated costs.

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Cleaning Services:

All illustrated cleaning services are solely provided by PHC Cleaners LLC and by no outside source or third party contractor.

All cleaning services illustrated on the individual checklist provided by PHC Cleaners LLC are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any services illustrated on the cleaning checklist that do not meet client satisfactory will result in the returning of our cleaning staff to meet satisfaction.

Cleaning services illustrated on the personalized cleaning checklist are services that will be rendered as noted. Additional Services that are not illustrated or noted on the personalized checklist will not be performed, therefore such services do not qualify under our satisfaction guarantee. It is important to verify that all services needed are illustrated on the cleaning checklist as noted.

PHC Cleaners LLC utilizes both eco-friendly cleaning products and non-ecofriendly products which is a discretion made depending on the severity of the cleaning job.


PHC Cleaners LLC prices our services based on man hours utilized for each job site. Each individual jobsite is provided with an estimated time, man hour range as well as estimated cost.

Estimated prices provided on the cleaning checklist are ONLY ESTIMATES), the prices are not guaranteed and can be subject to change based on final man hours needed to fully complete the cleaning job.

(Only Applicable for one-time clients) Any additional man hours needed to complete the cleaning job will be charged at $22.00 per man hour.


PHC Cleaners carries both general liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance to protect both our organization as well as our client’s properties.

In the case of damaging any client’s property(s), PHC Cleaners LLC will cover the cost of damages pertaining to any property(s) proven to be damaged by our staff or cleaning teams.

It is our company policy that any damage permitted to any client’s property(s) must be reported by our staff.

PHC Cleaners LLC is not subject to cover the costs or replace any damages related to our client’s property(s) that are not proven to be the result of our cleaning service or by our staff.


The billing department will email a final invoice the following day of the provided cleaning services.

Invoices are to be paid by the due date as illustrated on the final invoice. Late payments can and will incur late fees.